The host, Eduardo Pedro Fracassi

Serial entrepreneur, in this opportunity I am offering my apartment to up to four guests for temporary rentals in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I speak English and I have also studied German and French.

I coordinate de Kiri team at ITBA with 9 undergad students and 13 professionals who won the MIT Climate Colab Industry category with the 25C(77F) proposal. 

I participated in COP21 at Le Bourget, Paris, December 2015. I was part of the argentine delegation.

I teach systems thinking at UCES and I lead the Climate Change Awareness Initiative at ITBA. I have recently been nominated “Ambassador” by the Climate Interactive team!!! I hope to be able to successfully comply with this role!

Here is an interview by the Climate Interactive staff about my work on climate awareness:

Eduardo Pedro Fracassi: Climate Student to Climate Star, February 6, 2015 By Megan Alley.

And here is an interview -in Spanish – by the leading “La Nacion” newspaper: “Career Planning tools“, from Sunday 12, December 2004.

Anyway, we are trying to do everything at our hand to make your stay at Sunny Recoleta Apartment as joyful and prosperous as possible.

You may read my linkedin profile at this link!

Eduardo Pedro Fracassi at linkedin